Thursday, March 29, 2012

Certified Sommelier misses the Mark!

It is always interesting in the Twin Cities to see what other wine experts recommended to the consumer. As the only mainstream, professional wine reviewer in Minnesota I cringe when I see others recommend mediocre quality brands such as Mark West, Cycles Gladiator, Minnesota wines and even worse recommending you pay the maximum price for wine. Recently a friend found a 2005 Ladera Lone Canyon Cabernet Sauvignon on sale at Haskell's (Upcoming Spring Sale) for $50. Leslee Miller of Amusée is trying to get her email receipents to buy it direct from the winery for $65and talking up how some of the older vintages are up to 60% off regular price. These wines max out at $65 which is the full retail price. An internet search reveals many of these wines to be much cheaper than the $65 direct from the winery.

I am not sure why Leslee is not familiar with wine searcher when searching for the best wine prices in the country but maybe that don't teach that in Sommelier School.

Probably the quote of the year she made is found in this excerpt:

"Hi Tim,

Wow, that's a good deal! For their regular Napa I can see that being the price, but if it's for the Lone Canyon- that's obviously a great deal. Usually direct from the winery is always best pricing. Guess Haskells got a good deal fr the distributor. Honestly, I would buy current vintage then from Haskells and use up this coupon (below) for the older vintages, since those are no longer for sale in a retail setting.

Thanks for the heads up!"

Leslee D. Miller
Certified Sommelier

By the way the regular Napa is $26 on sale at Haskell's. This once again proves that Wineglas is the place for all the deals and best advice on wine in the Twin Cities and beyond. Please don't "Shhhhhhh" and do tell your friends and neighbors about my great advice on wine and if you want to upgrade to the Wineglas Grand Cru Email Blast it is just $25 a year. Email me at for more info.


John Glas

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